European Prize for Urban Public Space Special Mention

20/06/2018, CCCB

Very honoured with the special mention granted by the European Prize for Urban Public Space for the Kanunnik Triest Sqaure in the Caritas Psychiatric Centre.

The special mention for the PC Caritas project finally recognises that 1) the psychiatric centre in Melle is part of the urban, and 2) the Kanunnik Triest Square actually is a square !

Somewhere between a closed building and open space, an old psychiatric hospital pavilion has been partially saved from demolition to offer a peaceful refuge for patients, their families, and people walking in the public park surrounding it.

Read the jury verdict and watch their video statement:

The Kanunnik Triest Square is designed by architecten de vylder vinck taillieu as part of the vision development for the psychiatric center of the future by BAVO, the project definition was scripted by BAVO with workgroups of psychiatrists, managers, staff and patients.

The European Prize for Urban Public Space edition 2018 goes to the renovation of Skanderbeg Square in Tirana, Albania by 51N4E.

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