Living in Monnikenheide: Care, Inclusion and Architecture

Gideon Boie

2023, Flanders Architecture Institute

Wivina Demeester is a collectioneur of architecture, that is how Dirk Somers described the extraordinary history of Monnikenheide. It's hard to prove him wrong. Monnikenheide is well worth a visit, but in the meantime, the book "Living in Monnikenheide: care, inclusion and architecture" provides a handy introduction into the place and topic.

Monnikenheide in Zoersel is a residential care centre for people with mental disabilities. A special place for special people, it is examined from an architectural perspective for the first time in this book.

In the fifty-year building history of Monnikenheide, different architects have gone in search of new spatial possibilities, with inclusion as leitmotif. This has created a unique landscape that transcends the boundaries of care architecture. Monnikenheide is a powerful architectural statement about the place of people in society who depend on care.

With contributions by Gideon Boie, Sofie De Caigny, Fredie Floré, Vjera Sleutel, Thomas Vanderveken, Heleen Verheyden and Erik Wieërs.

Artistic photography by Kurt Deruyter.

Archival research by Vjera Sleutel.

Designs by:
Luc Van den Broeck
Bruno Boulanger
Mark Depreeuw
b0b Van Reeth/ArchitectenWerkGroep
Maarten Van Severen
Architectuurgroep Jo Peeters
Huiswerk architecten
Vermeiren De Coster Architecten
Richard Venlet
UR architects
FELT architecture & design



Flanders Architecture Institute
Gideon Boie
Gideon Boie, Sofie De Caigny, Fredie Floré, Vjera Sleutel, Thomas Vanderveken, Heleen Verheyden and Erik Wieërs
projects by
Luc Van den Broeck, Bruno Boulanger, Mark Depreeuw, b0b Van Reeth/ArchitectenWerkGroep, Maarten Van Severen, Architectuurgroep Jo Peeters, Huiswerk architecten, Vermeiren De Coster Architecten, Richard Venlet, 51N4E, UR architects, FELT architecture & design
Kurt Deruyter
Vjera Sleutel
graphic design

Ine Meganck and Isabel Motz
number of pages



Tags: Care, English

Categories: Architecture

Type: Book