A humane prison is coming to your neighbourhood



As part of the Conflict & Design Triennial the knowledge platform Prison Gear presents design studies that pave the way for a humane prison in Leopoldsburg, Belgium.

In the design process for ca. 16 new prisons Prison Gear defends the humanist values of the Belgian Prison Act (2005). In the design and construction of new prisons, the Federal authorities are at conflict with the Prison Act (2005), a law that for the first time in the history of Belgium defines the human rights of detainees. Innovation of the Belgian prisons is only possible when all parties involved in the design process – client, buildings agency, contractor, architect, mayor, governor, – take the Prison Act (2005) into account.

Prison Gear critically reconstructs the federal Masterplan 2008-2012-2016 and analyses contemporary best practices and design studies.

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